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What I Like About Him
05/20/2012 The Jesus I Know MP3    
Daren Lindley
04/01/2012 Love Covers A Multitude of Sins MP3    
Philippians: 9 Secrets to Express Great Joy
04/22/2012 Joy In Your Finances MP3    
04/08/2012 Joy In Your Thoughts MP3    
03/25/2012 Joy In Your Future MP3    
03/18/2012 Joy in Your Accomplishments MP3    
03/04/2012 Joy In Your Potential MP3    
02/26/2012 Joy In Your Attitudes MP3    
02/19/2012 Joy In Your Circumstances MP3    
02/12/2012 Joy In Your Relationships MP3    
Hearing The Voice of God
02/05/2012 Got Vision? (Part 4) MP3    
01/29/2012 Recognizing God's Voice (Part 3) MP3    
01/22/2012 God Speaking To Me? (Part 2) MP3    
01/15/2012 Hearing From God (Part 1) MP3    
I Stand At The Door And Knock
01/08/2012 I Stand At The Door And Knock MP3    
Communion and Judgment
01/01/2012 Communion and Judgment MP3    
Ephesians Continued
12/18/2011 Revolutionize Your Prayer... In One Week! (Part 2) MP3    
12/11/2011 Revolutionize Your Prayer... In One Week! MP3   PDF
12/04/2011 The Armor Of God MP3   PDF
11/27/2011 Six Secrets to Effectiveness and Enjoyment in Your Work MP3   PDF
11/20/2011 Some Suggestions For Fellow Strugglers MP3   PDF
11/13/2011 Some Advice for Fellow Strugglers MP3   PDF
11/06/2011 How To Have A Growing Marriage (Part 3) MP3   PDF
10/30/2011 How to Have a Growing Marriage (Part 2) MP3   PDF
10/23/2011 How To Have A Growing Marriage (Part 1) MP3   PDF
10/02/2011 Where Is Jesus? 11 AM MP3    
10/02/2011 Where Is Jesus? 9 AM MP3    
10/16/2011 What I Do. Part 5 MP3   PDF
10/09/2011 What I Do. Part 4 MP3   PDF
09/18/2011 What I Do. Part 3 MP3   PDF
09/11/2011 What I Do. Part 2 MP3   PDF
09/04/2011 What I Do. Part 1 MP3   PDF
08/28/2011 Who Am I? (Part 11) MP3   PDF
08/21/2011 Who Am I? (Part 10) MP3   PDF
08/14/2011 Who Am I? (Part 9) MP3   PDF
08/07/2011 Who Am I? (Part 8)     PDF
07/31/2011 Who Am I? (Part 7) MP3   PDF
07/24/2011 Who Am I? (Part 6) MP3   PDF
07/17/2011 Who Am I? (Part 5) MP3   PDF
07/10/2011 Who Am I? (Part 4) MP3   PDF
07/03/2011 Who Am I? (Part 3) MP3   PDF
06/26/2011 Who Am I? (Part 2) MP3   PDF
06/19/2011 Who Am I? (Part 1) MP3   PDF
06/12/2011 PART 2 MP3    
06/05/2011 The Mission of Jesus' Friends MP3   PDF
Getting Healthy
05/29/2011 Removing Fear From My Marriage MP3   PDF
05/22/2011 Healthy Thinking About Life Partners MP3   PDF
05/15/2011 Healthy Thinking About Sex MP3    
05/08/2011 Habits For Financial Blessing MP3   PDF
05/01/2011 Work God Blesses MP3   PDF
04/24/2011 Easter MP3    
04/17/2011 What God Says About My Bod II MP3   PDF
04/10/2011 What God Says About Your Bod I MP3   PDF
04/03/2011 Trusting When Troubled MP3   PDF
03/20/2011 As You T.H.I.N.K. MP3    
One Life One Legacy
03/13/2011 Gifts + Need + Calling = Destiny MP3   PDF
03/06/2011 Now That You Noah MP3   PDF
02/27/2011 A Decision for Vision MP3 PDF  
02/20/2011 What Would I Like To Change? MP3   PDF
02/13/2011 Faithfull MP3   PDF
02/06/2011 Faith MP3 PDF PDF
01/30/2011 Follow (11 AM) MP3 PDF  
01/30/2011 Follow (9 AM) MP3    
01/23/2011 Blessed or Stressed MP3 PDF  
The Newness of Life
01/16/2011 2011: Living In A New Present by Dave Reilly MP3   PDF
01/09/2011 Brand New Past by Dave Reilly MP3   PDF
01/02/2011 New Beginnings by Dave Reilly MP3   PDF
Got Friends?
09/25/2011 Got Friends? MP3